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Felt Insoles: Merino Wool inserts for shoes, boots and slippers

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A wonderful addition to any pair of shoes. 

Our Felt Insoles are made from Merino wool which is naturally antibacterial and odour resistant. Cut them to size to use in your slippers, shoes, and boots.

  • Insulator even when damp
  • Hard-wearing may outlast your boots
  • Hand felted
  • Handmade from South African wool
  • Handmade in home industries, providing an income for women at home
  • Easy to insert: copy your existing insole or use provided size template
  • 11.75"long for big feet

How to: Remove the insole of the shoe that you want to use your new wool insoles in.  Copy the size and shape by tracing around the insole, cut out, insert with or without the original insole. If this is not possible, follow the paper pattern provided for the shoe size.

Care Instructions: No need to wash