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South African Braai Veggie Sprinkle

This blog post was originally featured on our South African website for South Africa's Heritage Day in 2019. Our community has grown!  Feature veggies on the fire this heritage day with this simple homemade vegetable seasoning. Your vegetarian and vegan friends will be thrilled that someone has finally made a veggie effort at what is typically a very meaty affair. The aim here is to not spend all day in the kitchen so it's easy and versatile veg sprinkles at the ready! Mix in a shaker if you have one - if not, a small bowl will do. Ingredients 1 tsp paprika 1 tbs garlic salt or garlic powder and salt 1 tsp  ground cumin 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon Brush...

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5 Feng Shui Tips to Bring Calm to Your Home

Things a little crazy at your house? Interior designer, Deirdre Renniers shares with us 5 simple tips that you can do right now (or when you are ready) to bring peace and relaxation to your home. So let's take a deep breath and head over to our blog.

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Freshly Baked Bread Storage

Daily bread is daily for a good reason. Freshly baked bread isn't going to stay fresh without preservatives to prolong shelf life. Home-baked and artisanal breads are at their best for only a day or two, the way it was before sliced bread was the best thing! Whether you are enjoying making your own bread at home, or picking up a freshly baked baguette from the neighbourhood baker for the evening meal, the basics are the same. Bread should always be stored at room temperature, covered by something that will allow a little air to circulate so it doesn't grow mould, or become hard and chewy. At the same time your bread needs to be protected enough to retain some...

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Eco-Easter Bunny Inspiration

The pressure mounts as grocery stores display stacks of individually wrapped and foiled Easter treats, packed in brightly printed boxes that are also covered in plastic. It's very tempting. That makes the Easter Bunny's job super easy. Tear it open, throw them around the backyard and hop on to the next task on the list.

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Spotlight on Expert Knitter, Colleen Babb

Colleen Babb spotted us on social media 5 years ago and called to see how she could get involved. We are so happy she did because this is just the kind of magic that makes Spaza products so special.  Having started her knitting career at the age of 7 years, Colleen has a lot of stitches behind her and she doesn't give up for anything so there are many more to come. When developing a new design, she makes sample after sample, until she is absolutely happy that she has  right yarn, the right stitch count on the perfect size needles. See the results in Colleen's new hand-knit cotton cloth.    How old are you?  59 Are you retired? No. ...

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