Clean and Crafty: Homemade Cleaning Hacks and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Clean and Crafty: Homemade Cleaning Hacks and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Welcome to our cozy corner of sparkling spaces and eco-conscious living! 🌿✨

Spring has sprung, warmer weather is here, and with it comes the urge to clean, organize, declutter, and do some sustainable spring cleaning on our homes. Spring is a season of rebirth, and after being cooped up inside over the long winter, it’s natural to feel the urge to reinvigorate our stale living space with a breath of fresh air—literally. 

Are you tired of store-bought cleaning products with unpronounceable ingredients? Do you yearn for a fresher, greener approach to maintaining your home? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of homemade cleaners, where simplicity meets effectiveness.

1. Starting from Scratch with Homemade Cleaners

 If you’re considering creating your own cleaning recipes from scratch, a great place to begin is with this blog from Good Housekeeping. They share insights on making at-home cleaners, which can be less intimidating for beginners.

2. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Saving Cleaners

 Are you passionate about eco-friendly cleaning solutions? If so, and if you’re serious about diving into the nitty-gritty of homemade cleaners, let us introduce you to Heather Dressing, who goes by the delightful moniker “Mommpotamus”. Heather is not only a homesteader but also a dedicated DIY enthusiast. She has generously compiled an amazing e-book filled with her favorite homemade recipes. You can download it for free and explore a treasure trove of effective and eco-conscious cleaning solutions.

3. Tidying Up with Cleaning Hacks

For those seeking a tidier living space, we recommend checking out an article from Better Homes and Gardens titled 22 Genius Hacks for a Tidier Space in No Time. These clever hacks can help you maintain a cleaner home.


4. Need Cleaning Tools?


 Introducing SpaZa’s Eco-Friendly Hand-Knit Cleaning Collection—gentle on the Earth, making chores feel more pleasant to do:

  1. Multi Scrub: Combines absorbency and gentle abrasion. It’s tough enough for baked-on messes yet safe for stainless steel surfaces.
  2. Multicloths: An excellent microfiber alternative. Use it on all surfaces for effective cleaning without harming the environment.
  3. Tawashi: An anti-bacterial swap for synthetic dishwashing sponges.
  4. Washing Up Set: A great starter pack for a greener kitchen.

At SpaZa, our knitting project isn’t just about yarn and needles—it’s about empowerment and community. Did you know that our initiative creates home-based employment for women in the outlying areas of Cape Town, South Africa? These remarkable women wear various hats: mothers, grandmothers, caregivers. And knitting? It’s their flexible superpower—a way to weave family, love, and financial independence into their lives, stitch by stitch.


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